Rule Description
1. No communicating outside of PokeMafia. Using Private Message or any form of messaging system outside of the game is forbidden to talk to other players. Let people figure things out themselves. Play honorably.
2. No multiple accounts during play. Users are limited to one account, and cannot use more than that while playing PokeMafia.
3. No Copy & Pasting or rewriting bot messages. The point of the game is to decide if people are lying, it's pointless to be showing bot messages when they're just as unreliable as people's words. Let people play the game based on what they say, not what they can paste or fake.
4. No super complex names or staff immitations. While using simple confusing names such as you did it is okay, please avoid something that takes too much effort to write out fast. And while you can use staff names within your name, you cannot immitate a staff however. Example; Hibby cannot be used, while iHateStupidHibby can be used.
5. Rockets (Mafia) cannot reveal each other. Again, let people figure it out. Do not tell anyone who your Rocket partner is or was.
6. No Trolling. Each person's goal is to ensure the longest survival of themselves & with teammates (if your role is on a team), however you cannot attempt to do things that would cause your team to lose.
Disciplinary Actions
Users in violation of any of the rules may be subjected to:
- GTS site infraction
- Ban from PokeMafia
- Ban from server